This blog was originally about two girls who began to pilgrimage on the 20th of June of 2013, walking from Sigtuna, Sweden, with the goal to reach Santiago de Compostela in the northwestern part of Spain.
The journey stopped sometime in September of 2013, and will hopefully continue in the future.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Simplicity in a complex world.

Good evening everyone! Friday!

It has been a magnificent walk today. The beauty of the landscape, that already made speachless, surprised me when I least expected it. That is the magic that comes with not knowing what you will see and experience, walk on roads that you have never walked before.

Simplicity. Pilgrim word no. 2.
First I would like to reflect on the word in a more wide perspective.
What do we, the human race, have to do and agree on in order to ''save the world''? What do we have to give up on?
How can we stop poverty and starvation, if we, people who already have our basic needs satisfied, start to live more in harmony with nature? How will they ever rise in a world ruled by money and complex economical systems, if we would stop bying what they produce?

I believe there is an imbalance here. In order to help earth heal we need to cut down on our consuming here in the west, but at the same time more and more people rise from poverty as a result of our consuming, even if this is a very slow process. Or is this just an excuse?
So what should we do then?  Who have the knowledge and who have the power to take the important desicions? I can reflect but I am not sure which direction is the best. And the people in power disappoint me, too often. There is just too much money involved and too much hypocrisy, and less and less true human value and moral.

What I know though, is that the happiest periods of my life, did not include any kind of overconsuming or any overflow of luxury. And this is one of the main reasons to why I chose to start this journey. I had the time of my life when walking the Camino last year. Living simple and green. Walking in order to get somewhere. Sharing, and this is something we will have to focus on in the future to be able to solve the problems we are already facing. And since I know that I had the time of my life, while not having that much unimportant stuff around me, and instead one important thing or maybe I should say force instead. The force of Love. And I am now experiencing this again, in another way, and during a longer period of time. I feel very priviliged having this opportunity.

Thank you so much for reading.  Thank you for giving me inspiration, love and support.

Night is falling.  Good night and see you tomorrow!